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GK Music offers lessons not only at our facility but in your home as well! If you live far away, cannot attend a class in person or just want to learn in the privacy and comfort of your own home, now you can! Our teachers are available 7 days a week so schedule your free online consultation now!
Our private lesson program is the heart of what we do at GK Music. This is where everyone starts and it is essential to us in building accomplished musicians. We have Private Instruction available on the following instruments:



From basics to full on shreding our guitar instructors can cover all bases. We specialize in all styles and techniques to make your electric or acoustic sing!



Our piano instructors can teach anyone to play. Whether you are a college bound music major who wants to dazzle with Classical music, or someone who dreams of playing solo piano for a room full of jazz fans, we've got you covered. We can teach all ages in any style that suites your fancy!




From the rock band to the solo stage our voice coaches cab help make you shine! We offer lessons in all styles and genres. Classical, Jazz, Rock and even Country and Pop. We are able to take your singing to the next level and beyond!



Our drum teachers are not just amazing players but incredible players as well. Our teachers can help you or your child to become fantastic drummers who have great meter, stong fundamentals, and can lead a band like a pro! Our students are some of the most versatile drummers around thanks to our amazing drum staff!



Slapping, tapping, and just laying down the groove. That is what our bass lessons are all about! From Funk to Metal and all points in between, we are here to help you learn to lay it down!



With the departure of our string programs in the schools, it is more important than ever for us to offer a solid string program. Whether you just love the violin or would like to get involved in one of our local community orchestras, We are here to get you on the right track to be successful!



Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba.. not only are they incredibly fun to play but they are vital to the band programs, orchestras and even great funk and rock bands! Our teachers are here ready to help you learn great techniques and skills and have a "blast" doing it!



GK Music has always prided itself on its woodwind students. We have seen many students get scholarships to college, become teachers and/or become pro players. Our teachers are top notch and know exactly how to prepare a student to become amazing musicians.


Song Writing

Have you ever dreamed of composing your own music? We can make it happen! From song analysis, to composition and arranging, our teachers have decades of experience teaching students how to make this dream a reality!

Lyric Composition

Many people write music but come to a dead stop when it comes to writing words it just doesn't happen. We can help. Our instructors are here to help guide you through the lyric writing process. Using song analysis and proven concepts, we can get you past this struggle and bring out the creativity inside!



 One of our favorite things to do at GK Music is to record our talented students. Learning the process from scratch tracks to final product is such an amazing experience and we love to share our knowledge with students interested in this part of the music business! Our talented instructors are excited to work with you and make great recording!


Music Theory

We all make music theory a part of all of our lessons at GK Music. For our students who desire to take this even further and really be able to break apart the hows and whys of music, we offer intense study of the subject. Being able to play is great, using music theory to write and play makes it even better!

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